Lead Capture


Lead Capture

Lead Capture offers a quick and simplified process for customers to purchase products of interest with minimal entry of their personal information. The customers start by providing their basic information in order to generate a new application, and they in turn receive their application's reference number from Citibank to proceed further.


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Api's Called


Customers can apply for a Citi credit card

Customers can apply for a credit card and upon the approval of their request, they may receive available offers as an incentive to open an account. They are then required to provide minimal application details and the API will return an application ID, so customers can check the status and perform necessary actions.

Collect profile information

Customers can use dropdown menus to select reference data fields and then share their profile information with Citi. The Terms and Conditions link allows customers to view their consent details. Then by clicking on 'Confirm', a new application is created for the customers.


For Australia, Hong Kong, IndiaMalaysia, Philippines and Singapore markets please refer to API Callout 1 when creating the application.

For Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam markets please refer to API Callout 2 when submitting the prospect.

For Poland, Russia and UAE markets please refer to API Callout 3 when creating the application.

API(s) Callout

View Api Callout 1 > View Api Callout 2 > View Api Callout 3 >

Customer consent

Customers can agree to Citi’s terms and conditions and submit their details.

Acknowledge applications

After initiating the application and sharing their basic details, customers receive a confirmation message from the bank. Further updates on the application status is communicated through an SMS sent to the phone number provided by the customers.

Customers can continue application on Citi online

In Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Australia, Citi can send this message to customers. By clicking on the link they can continue their application via the Citi online channel, if necessary. The message includes the application reference number. For the other three markets - Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, Citi representatives contact the customers and helps them with the next steps to continue their application till final submission.