Closed Loop Citi PayLite


Closed Loop Citi PayLite

Enhance customers' shopping experiences with Citi PayLite by providing them with new ways to pay for merchandise and services. Customers can choose to pay using Citi reward points or miles, pay in installments or a combination of both.


Customers register for flexible payment options

Customers can enjoy a great shopping experience when they check out on your app or website using Citi PayLite. They have the option to pay for their purchase either entirely or partially with points, and they can choose to pay all at once or in installments by using Easy Payment Plans.

Secure identification

Customers can enroll in Shop With Points and Citi PayLite by registering with their preferred Citi credit card. This allows them to verify their identity without compromising on their security. 


Refer to the API callout 1 and 2 to be called during the screen load.

Refer to the API Callout 3 for information about generating a card access token upon clicking the button.

API(s) Callout

View Api Callout 1 > View Api Callout 2 > View Api Callout 3 >

Customers validate the one-time password

Customers complete their registration by validating the one-time password sent to their registered mobile number. They’ll receive a notification from their bank after a successful registration.


Refer to the API callout for information about activating card access token.

API(s) Callout

View Api Callout 1 >

Registration completed

Customers are informed when their registration has been completed. 


Once they click on 'Shop now', they can retrieve their point balance and see if they are eligible for Easy Payment Plans.


Refer to the API Callout 1 for information about retrieving a point balance.

Refer to the API Callout 2 for information about determining Easy Payment Plan eligibility.

API(s) Callout

View Api Callout 1 > View Api Callout 2 >

Refresh Token

When checking the availability of the access token for a customer’s credit card: 

If the access token is not available, customers need to register themselves to get the access token, as illustrated in the above steps of this journey. 


If the token is already available, then the validity of the existing access token is determined. 


If the access token has expired, then you can refresh a customer’s access token by calling the Refresh Token API. Subsequent API calls in this journey are dependent on the availability of a valid access token. 

API(s) Callout

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Customers select the product to purchase

Customers select the product they want and then click on 'Check out' to proceed with their purchase.

Customers select points for redemption and Easy Payment Plan

Customers can decide the number of points to redeem and may use them for full or partial payment of their purchases. Based on their inputs, a list of payment plans will be displayed. If they choose to pay partially with points, a part of the transaction amount will be settled through point redemption and the remaining will be billed as per the selected payment plan. Customers then click on 'Proceed' to submit the point redemption and plan booking request.


Refer to the below API callout to check the Easy Payment Plans eligibility for a card and the available Payment Plans details.

API(s) Callout

View Api Callout 1 >

Points redemption and easy payment plan booking

In this scenario, the partner's app or website already has the customer's credit card details to initiate the authorization.


After the customers select the redemption points and payment plan, point redemption occurs in the background by calling the API Callout 1.

After that, the API Callout 2 is invoked to convert to easy payment plan.

API(s) Callout

View Api Callout 1 > View Api Callout 2 >

Customers validate the one-time password

As per the Citi Fraud Rule, the customers need to validate the one-time password sent to their registered mobile number to proceed with loan booking.

Refer to:
•    API Callout 1 to retrieve the public key used for encryption.
•    API Callout 2 to validate the one time password.
•    API Callout 3 to re-generate and send the one time password.
•    API Callout 4 to confirm the authorization of a purchase done using card.


In an ideal scenario, APIs 1, 2, and 4 will be called.


Refer to : 
•    API Callout 5 for timeout reversal scenario in case API Callout 1 fails.

API(s) Callout

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Transaction is processed

Customers wait until their transaction is processed.

Order confirmation

After a successful order placement, customers receive a confirmation message that shows the payment amount redeemed through points and paid through an Easy Payment Plan, along with the order number, date and time. They also receive a notification from their bank shortly after.