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Citi PaySmart

Enhance customers' shopping experience with Citi PaySmart. Customers can pay for their merchandise and services using their preferred credit card and can also earn great rewards.

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Shop smartly with Citi PaySmart

Customers can use their Citi credit card and enjoy a great shopping experience along with rewards from top online retailers.

Secure identification

Customers register their preferred Citi credit card to use it for their purchases. This allows them to verify their identity without compromising on security. Refer to the below API callout for information about retrieving an authorization code.

API(s) Callout

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Validation of the one-time password

Customers complete their registration by validating the one-time password sent to their registered mobile number. They also receive a notification from bank after successful registration. Refer to the below API callout for activating card access token.

API(s) Callout

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Registration confirmation

Customers receive a confirmation message after successful registration. They can click on 'Shop Now' to begin their purchase.


Customers select the product to purchase

Customers can select the product of their choice and click on 'Checkout' to proceed with the purchase. Refer to the below API callout to authorize customer's purchase using his registered credit card.

API(s) Callout

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Validate the one-time password based on additional authentication

Customers need to validate the one-time password sent to their registered mobile number. This password is based on additional authentication setup by the partner.

Refer to the below API callouts -

  • API callout1 for retrieving the public key used for encryption.
  • API callout2 to validate the one time password.
  • API callout3 to confirm the authorization of a purchase done using card.
  • API callout4 for resending the one time password.


API(s) Callout

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Transaction is being processed

Customers need to wait till the time their transaction is being processed.

Order confirmation

After the successful order placement, customers receive a confirmation message that shows the order number along with the date and time of order placement. They also receive a notification from their bank shortly after. Customers also have the provision to check the status of their order by clicking on the provided link.