Migrated customers







APIs Used


Accounts and Transactions (Ledger)


A less than ideal customer experience

For a while, the only way to collect customer data was through a process called ‘screen scraping’. Customers would give their log-in credentials to a service provider, who then logged in as if they were the customer. This sometimes resulted in a slow performance and yielded incomplete, out-of-date or duplicated data. Also, customers can feel uneasy when sharing log-in credentials.


Empowering innovation and customers

Now Intuit uses Citi APIs to provide fast, accurate and secure account information.

The Authorization API allows customers to choose which accounts they want to connect, and provides transparency and control to customers on what data will and will not be shared.

Once the connection is in place and the API tokens are called, then the Accounts & Transactions API is triggered—that’s what gathers a customer’s transactional information. At any time, customers can manage their account selections or opt out entirely through Intuit, the Citi website, or the mobile app.

Why did Intuit choose to integrate Citi APIs?


Accuracy and Efficiency

Citi APIs can provide complete, accurate and up-to-date financial information so the customer experience is consistent and reliable.

Transparency and Control

Customers can choose which accounts they want to share, and they can revoke access at any time.

Speed and Security

Customers no longer need to share their log-in credentials in order for Intuit to access their information, which arrives faster than before.

Working with Citi has been highly collaborative and laser-focused. Together, we’re delivering a seamless, secure experience to our mutual customers so they can meet their financial goals and prosper.

The Result

A customer-centric approach

Intuit’s current products—Mint, Quickbooks and TurboTax—all rely on fast, accurate data aggregation. As the world of technology changes—and it changes every day—companies like Intuit must adapt and innovate for their customers. Working with Citi just makes sense. Our cutting-edge technology improves Intuit’s customer experience with speed, security and accuracy. And the customer response has been positive. On Quickbooks Online alone, over 30,000 customers have opted in to API data collection—and that number is growing fast.

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